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Online MDSAP Foundation Training | Exemplar Global Certified

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Online MDSAP Training (Exemplar Global Certified) that provides learners with the knowledge required to understand the IMDRF Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) for medical device quality management based on ISO 13485 and international regulatory bodies medical device regulations.

Why Choose eLearning for MDSAP Foundation Training?

Our 8hr eLearning course is a highly interactive way to learn at a time & a pace that works best for you, making it easier to get the training you need while balancing a busy home or work life.

Course Format & Content Breakdown

This MDSAP Foundation Training course is available via eLearning (24/7) offering you the most convenient & flexible way to learn online, anytime, anywhere.

It is important to note that the exact time it takes to complete the eLearning modules will vary based on current knowledge, experience, and learning style.

eLearning Modules

During the eLearning modules, each Learner will cover the following:

  • What is MDSAP?
  • Purpose and benefits of MDSAP
  • Role of IMDRF in development of MDSAP
  • MDSAP Members, Official Observers and Affiliate Members
  • Relationship with ISO 13485 2016 and regulatory requirements
  • MDSAP Guidance Documents
  • MDSAP Structure
  • Audit Sequence
  • MDSAP Audit Cycle
  • Special and Unannounced Audits
  • Audit Time and Duration
  • Introduction to MDSAP NC Grading
  • Introduction to Chapter 1 and 2
  • Chapter 1 Management Tasks 1-11
  • Additional Country Specific Requirements
  • Chapter 2 Tasks 1-3
  • Additional Country Specific Requirements
  • Introduction to Chapter 3 and 4
  • Chapter 3 Tasks 1-16
  • Additional Country Specific Requirements
  • Chapter 4 Tasks 1-2
  • Additional Country Specific Requirements
  • Introduction to Chapter 5
  • Project selection and planning
  • Design and development inputs
  • Verification, validation, clinical evaluation
  • Design change, review, and transfer
  • Software design and development
  • Introduction to Chapter 6
  • Tasks 1-9 including country-specific requirements
  • Tasks 10-19 including country-specific requirements
  • Tasks 20-29 including country-specific requirements
  • Introduction to Chapter 7
  • Tasks 1-6 including country-specific requirements
  • Tasks 7-12 including country-specific requirements
  • Annex 1 and Annex 2
  • Annex 3 Adverse Events and Advisory Notices Reporting
  • Annex 4 Written Agreements

Learning Objectives

On completion of this Online MDSAP Foundation Training, successful Learners will have the knowledge needed to:

  1. Explain the purpose and benefits of an MDSAP audit of a medical device quality management system
  2. Identify the countries that recognize MDSAP audits
  3. Explain the role of IMDRF and its members in the development of the MDSAP scheme
  4. Explain the relationship between MDSAP, ISO 13485 and the regulatory requirements of the MDSAP member countries
  5. Describe the MDSAP audit approach and the process for assessing conformity as described in MDSAP AU P0002.006

Who Should Attend?

This course would be targeted at:

  • Quality assurance professionals
  • Quality Engineers
  • Research and design Engineers
  • Internal Auditors
  • Quality Managers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Regulatory professionals

Entry Requirements

It is recommended that each Learner should have the following prior knowledge before completing this course:

Management Systems

  • The Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle
  • The core elements of a management system and the interrelationship between top management responsibility, policy, objectives, planning, implementation, measurement, review, and continual improvement.

Quality Management

  • The fundamental concepts and commonly used quality management terms and definitions

Assessment & Certification

MDSAP Foundation Training Assessment Methodology

In order to successfully complete this course, each Learner will need to:

  • Complete the eLearning modules and obtain 70% or higher in the final assessment (MCQ-based) within the 90-day course license

MDSAP Foundation Training Certification

Exemplar Global certify our MDSAP Foundation Training. Successful completion will entitle each Learner to receive a digital Certificate of Completion.

Technology Requirements

There are recommended requirements for each Learner in wishing to complete any of our eLearning modules. In our experience, Workplace IT environments’ internal configurations and available software can vary (new or old), and there may be various limitations or other restrictions in place, and as such, the functionality of any Learning Management System (LMS) may be impacted, restricted and may not perform well. Read full technology requirements

Terms & Conditions

In registering for this course, each Learner and/or Customer expressly acknowledges that they have read, fully understood and agreed to be bound by all of Comply Guru’s terms & conditions, including additional licensing agreement. The terms & conditions & licensing agreement can be read here.

Course Summary

  • Subject Area
  • Medical Devices
  • Duration
  • 8 Hours
  • Pricing
  • € 395.00 per person
  • Team Pricing
  • € 1,580.00
    (Book 4, Get 5th Free)
  • Format
  • eLearning
  • Accreditation
  • Exemplar Global
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